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CNTHAI is a comprehensive Chiang Mai property service centre operating under the laws of Thailand. We are proud to be known as an organisation comprised of talented people of diverse nationalities and backgrounds, and believe that it provides us with both a distinct identity as well as an advantage in the marketplace.

Our team members collectively have decades of property knowledge and experience specifically regarding real estate in Chiang Mai. This dynamic and beautiful city has historically held great appeal for anyone considering a move to Thailand, a fact supported by the steady pace of real estate growth so evident here over the past few years. And the interest in and demand for Chiang Mai real estate is only expected to increase, due in part to a growing number of  modern amenities and tourist attractions, as well as a flurry of infrastructure development and transportation initiatives that are underway. We strongly believe that Chiang Mai will continue to grow even more popular as a prime location for foreign nationals considering to move to or invest in real estate in Thailand. Highly respected media outlet, The Huffington Post in New York, recently identified Chiang Mai as “one of the best real estate investment locations in Southeast Asia.”


Investing in Chiang Mai

Here at CNTHAI, real estate investment in Chiang Mai, particularly in condominiums, is our specialty, and our team’s dedicated area of expertise. We have taken care to nurture and grow the reputation and identity of our business as the one real estate agency in Chiang Mai that is most capable of expertly assisting people from all countries, and of all nationalities, who may be seeking advice and assistance about living or investing in Chiang Mai property. The demographic we serve consists largely of clients from Europe, China, the United States, and other places abroad, who are seeking any type of Chiang Mai real estate for sale with the goal to settle down in Thailand. Thousands of expats from Japan, America, the UK, and all throughout Europe have made the decision to invest in property in Chiang Mai. More recently we have seen significant interest from buyers in mainland China, who are attracted by the mountainous terrain, temperate climate and abundance of space.

Chiang Mai’s reputation as a hub for both education and business also attracts many Thai nationals and expats to the region. In addition, Chiang Mai has become a popular destination for the growing number of freelancers, remote workers and digital entrepreneurs who are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s economy. With its relaxed atmosphere, great food and strong cultural identity, many are choosing to operate out of Chiang Mai over the unlimited other destinations where they could conceivably carry on their businesses. A growing number of Thai retirees are also being drawn to Chiang Mai by the high standard of living, balmy climate, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and property prices that are undeniably attractive when compared to Bangkok or other major Thai cities.

At CNTHAI we have the experience and expertise to help our clients successfully navigate the often-complex regulations surrounding property investment in Thailand. With an extensive and proven range of knowledge and experience, we are proud to go beyond basic real estate services, and in addition we can confidently advise our clients thoroughly on matters of real estate law, renovation practices, and other specialised topics related to Chiang Mai property.


Giving Back

In addition to our pride and dedication to our growing real estate brokerage, we also recognise the importance of being involved in charities that give back to our community. We believe that “families with good deeds, will be blessed with more happiness; and those without will suffer from worse calamity.” All team members at CNTHAI are invested in pursuing and strengthening their support of public initiatives, and seeking new ways of being helpful and supportive to all those residing within the Chiang Mai region where we are situated.

Most notably, we established the “Chinese International Volunteer Station, Thailand”, which exists to educate, assist and support Chinese people living in Thailand, by providing:

  • Free clinic service offered by the first Chinese traditional Chinese medicine team to Chiang Mai,
  • Education support by the international volunteers from a top Chinese university in the Golden Triangle, and
  • Poverty relief from the Chinese elite in the Golden Triangle.

Our top team members are highly motivated, extremely skilled and completely invested in the success and reputation of CNTHAI, and always working diligently to offer our clients the very best and most knowledgeable real estate services in this region.  In addition to serving our esteemed clients with our professional and knowledgeable advice about local real estate in Chiang Mai, we will continue seeking new ways to provide support, funding and knowledge to worthwhile charities and local social assistance initiatives to enhance life for everyone in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai.

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