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Chinese medicine national team dedicates love to Chiang Mai

In 2015, the renowned TCM expert team in China organized by the Beijing Great Wall Foundation came to Chiang Mai. Seven team members are from the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other first-class Chinese medicine institutions, being directors and backbone of the industry. The charity clinic were welcomed by local Chinese. On the first day of the free clinic event, more than 400 patients were treated, among them are not only Chinese, but also those in Thailand and from the United States and Europe. In the charity clinic, doctors usually work from eight to six before they can call it a day.

An overseas Chinese who is 92 years old, tells an expert in Chinese, that they are looking forward to the arrival of Chinese doctors, because they still have a deep feeling and memory about their native country. A gentleman surnamed Weng is the fourth generation Chinese in northern Thailand. His cervical spine pain has not been alleviated for nearly a month, but he feels much better after the acupuncture treatment. In addition, there are a number of Chinese people from outside Chiang Mai come to visit the free clinic. Li Renjie, the president of the Chinese chamber of commerce in Chiang Mai, exclaimed that: “This free clinic is timely rain for the health of the Chinese people in Chiang Mai, and we have been looking forward to it for a long time.”

Zhao Jiping, professor of acupuncture at Dongzhimen Hospital, Peking University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, visited nearly 30 patients in just one morning. She said passionately:” there are a lot of patients and some of them traveled far to get here, as a result, the local had a large amount of needs for Chinese medicine. Through the traditional Chinese medicine and other treatment methods such as acupuncture, moxibustion, bonesetting, and Chinese materia medica, we can help our Chinese compatriots in terms of medical care, we want to serve them well, so we feel happy in spite of tired from hard work. This activity is indeed valuable, and it is also meaningful to the friendship between China and Thailand. It would be a great pleasure if we can continue this activity. “.

Chao Xiaoliang, the Chinese consulate general in Chiang Mai, said there were more than 2 million people in the northern Thailand. The team members were all the best Chinese medicine specialists in China, thus it can be considered as the national traditional Chinese medicine team. It is the first time for the Chinese medicine team to come to Northern Thailand. The arrival of expert volunteers brought the Chinese people in Northern Thailand the warmth of the connection by blood, at the same time, it is also a precious action to spread both the image of China and the Chinese traditional culture.