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International volunteers of Tsinghua University are renowned in the Golden Triangle

60 years ago, that period of painful history led to the formation of nearly 100 Chinese enclaves in northern Thailand, with 300,000 Chinese gathering, and most of them still have no legal status, let alone local education and medical resources.

In order that the Chinese descendants here can get a better Chinese education resources, a professor, nine masters and doctors from Tsinghua University set up the first international volunteer service team for educational support in the Golden Triangle with the Beijing Health Great Wall Public Welfare Foundation providing public funding support.

After a detailed survey on the needs of northern Thailand’s largest Chinese village, the volunteers carried out 13 voluntary services in 6 areas based on their respective speciality, including assisting cooperative high school to prepare for the interconnection of computer classrooms, creating various courses taught in Chinese, carrying out courses on folk custom, traditional Chinese drama, Chinese painting, Chinese folk music, and Chinese geography, etc.

After nearly a month of public support, the installation, debugging and other miscellaneous works were finally completed. The interconnection among computer classrooms has been made. At the same time, all kinds of elementary courses taught in Chinese received welcome by teachers and students. The headmaster of Oyachi High School said it was the first interconnection computer classroom in northern Thailand’s Chinese village, and the courses offered by various Tsinghua students were also what he long yearned for but could not get. Lu Yongqiang, a senior student said, “Through the courses, I not only made friends with the top students in Tsinghua university, but also decided to go to China for further study after graduation.”