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Why Purchasing Property in Chiang Mai is Becoming More Popular

Chiang Mai, literally translated as “New City”, is in fact over 700 years old. Also known as Thailand’s “Rose of the North”, it is Thailand’s second largest city, a vibrant and bustling place steeped in rich and colourful history. A study in contrasts, here you will find stunning temples and the remnants of ancient walls and moats alongside modern shops, hotels and property developments.  Boasting a vibrant arts and culture community, as well as many unique attractions and amenities surrounded by breath-taking natural scenery, it’s no wonder that Chiang Mai is a popular location, both for visitors to Thailand and also to the thousands of people who seek to relocate here every year.

Chiang Mai is clearly expected to continue to grow and prosper, as evidenced by the many transportation initiatives that are planned or already underway. Extensive improvements and expansions to rail and air services, as well as numerous other infrastructure enhancements, are either in process or awaiting approval by municipalities. All this activity makes it clear that this dynamic city is a highly attractive location for those who may be seeking any type of Chiang Mai property for sale. And by the same reasoning, it is obviously also a smart place to consider for anyone who might be looking for a Chiang Mai property as a vehicle for longer-term investments.

Managing Director Leon Wu holds the view that Chiang Mai is the crème de la crème for real estate buyers who may not be convinced, due to quality of life and other concerns, of the benefits of overseas investment in Thailand generally. He feels that Chiang Mai emerges as a city with irreplaceable unique advantages in terms of the environment, humanities, cost, internationalization and other aspects.


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We also strongly suggest that you check back each day, as we are constantly updating the list of property for sale in Chiang Mai to show brand new additions as well as any that may have recently been sold. Once you have done some homework and have a good sense of what you are interested in, call or email CNTHAI at +66-61-796-3434 (for service in English) or +66-53-216-864 (for service in Thai). If you prefer, you can email us at info@cnthai.co.th. Our office hours are from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 5 pm (click here for map and address).

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