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Let Our Experts Guide You in Finding Your Perfect Condo in Chiang Mai

As is the case in many other major cities in Thailand, the process of searching for and purchasing a condominium in Chiang Mai can become very complicated due to the sheer quantity of options available on the market. Both in the primary and secondary markets, there are usually thousands of condos in Chiang Mai for sale at any given time. Accordingly, the process of searching for and purchasing a condo without benefit of some solid guidance and advice quickly becomes confusing and overwhelming, and could quite possibly result in a time-consuming and costly mistake.

The professional team members at CNTHAI can give you the full benefit of their extensive knowledge and experience, helping you efficiently search for a condo for sale in Chiang Mai that will fulfil all of your wishes, and one that can be purchased for a price you can comfortably afford. Best of all, our services for purchasers are always completely free.

We make a point of providing clear and concise information about a wide variety of condominiums for sale in Chiang Mai. Our website is easy to navigate and makes it effortless for you to browse the available options for both new and pre-owned condos. You can either view a complete list of all the available options, complete with clear and detailed images and thorough descriptions, or else you can choose to filter the search results by area, price and/or number of bedrooms, according to your preferences.

We advise you to check back daily, as new listings are constantly being added to the site. Whether you are single or have a family, and are interested in buying a condo to live in or to rent out, we have many attractive options for your consideration.


Carrying Out Due Diligence Before You Buy Your Condo

Once you have spent some time narrowing down your choices, it’s time to get in touch with CNTHAI to take the next step of getting a first-hand look at some likely options. Once you find a property that appeals to you, our knowledgeable team members can perform a due diligence verification and confirm the legality of the ownership before you go any further. The ability to verify these and other important details is just one advantage that CNTHAI can offer to their clients that would be difficult or impossible to handle without assistance.

There are many other specific advantages which we are qualified and confident in offering to our clients, to help them enjoy a stress-free real estate purchasing experience in Chiang Mai:

  1. In the case of a condo for sale on the secondary market, governed only by the contract being negotiated between seller and purchaser, we can confidently conduct all inquiries needed to clarify any associated costs (i.e. the re-registration of the property). In addition, we can be alert to and protect our clients against all possible negative scenarios of which they might not otherwise be aware, and protect them when we believe the property is being offered by an unscrupulous or unfair participant.
  2. We can ensure that the registration of the transaction will be properly prepared from the paper side.  This entails the collection of specific documents, some of which can be acquired only through certain government departments.
  3. We will handle all details surrounding the registration of the transaction at the Land Department. Particularly in Thailand, government bureaucracy or “red tape” can be quite difficult for the layman to decipher. Appointing us to work with the agency will save you time and effort, as we have done it all many times before.
  4. Even after your purchase is complete, we will be available to assist you with any post-transaction questions or concerns, such as effecting minor repairs, communicating with utilities, etc. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that CNTHAI will be standing by to assist you should you experience any difficulties due to your unfamiliarity with the ways of doing things in a new place.
  5. Last but not least, if and when you eventually decide to sell the property we have helped you purchase, it will be much easier to do so with the help of CNTHAI, the agency with whom you have already established relations, and that you know you can trust.

No matter where you are coming from, or how you have arrived at your decision to purchase a condominium in Chiang Mai, trust the professionals at CNTHAI to work with your best interests in mind, to make sure you are aware of all the best options, and that every aspect of the transaction will go smoothly from beginning to end.

We’ll be here waiting to assist you any week from Monday to Saturday between 9 am to 5 pm, so feel free to drop in (view map and address here). The email address if you prefer to send a message is info@cnthai.co.th, and by phone you can reach us at +66-61-796-3434 (for service in English) or +66-53-216-864 (for service in Thai).

Remember, trust no one but the professionals at CNTHAI to help you find the condominium in Chiang Mai that best fits your lifestyle, needs and bank account. We look forward to seeing you soon!