The Unique is you



Size 58 square meters with one Bedroom and one Bathroom. Unit balcony face to South side which is a very nice wind flow direction. Once stepping in the secure habitation, The Unique at the main entrance provides the privacy for the resident by access key card security controlling system. The residents can screen their guests by video door entry system from 4 points area where is the system equipped following main entrance, in front of the lobby, in the lift and in front of the room when the guests enter the room no. This is the most convenient entrance which is easy to reach for the owners and guests. The intelligent elevator which is fast, quiet and smooth automatically parks specifically floor base on the database of the user.

Besides, there is an automatic motion sensor when the resident walks into their own room. Other than, there are fire stair, emergency light, fire hose cabinet, and fire alarm smart control panel system for warning and showing the beginning and dangerous unit area. In room, heat, and smoke detector are included.

Your social network will be grateful and joyful with the fiber optic line which is applied to support the high speed internet access. Moreover, the True Vision satellite system delivers you the ultimate experience of happiness on TV such as music, movie, sport, Documentary, etc. All rooms are installed smart washed, the high technology from Japan which is hot convenient item for your daily life.


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