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Thai Driving License

A driver’s license is required before someone can drive on any road in Thailand. Thai driver’s license is issued by the Department of Land Transport, Ministry of Transport and can be used throughout the Kingdom of Thailand and other ASEAN states. The minimum of age to drive a motor vehicle is 18 years old and 15 years old for motorcycle.

Applying for a driver’s license

In Thailand, Driving license is very important and it is one important thing that everyone should has. In order to get a driving license, candidates should set aside two full days for training and testing at the Department of Transport Office. Two days of the driving license’s examination taken.

Day 1

For the first day of the examination, candidates are required to make an appointment for visual and response performance tests and a four-hour legal, road code and defensive driving sessions at their local Department of Land Transport office. After which, candidates will be required to do the examination. The examination is done though a computerized system which is available in Thai, English, Japanese and Chinese. Other languages apart from Thai may not be available in Department of Land Transport office outside Bangkok. One reset is allowed on the same day. Upon successful completion, candidates will be allowed to make an appointment for practical examination. The practical examination must be done within 90 days of successful written examination.

Day 2

Candidates will be taken around the examination venue where the procedure is explained. There are generally three stages of the examination. For car, first of all is driving straight forward and backward. The second step is parking beside the edge of footpath and the last step is going backward into parking place. For motorcycle, the test is an easy one, ensuring you can ride a bike through a set of cones.After all completion is complete, candidates will be given documents and redirected to the office where photo is taken and temporary license is issued at the cost of 205 Baht (US$6.50). If the candidates fail to pass any part of the examination, candidate will be given a notice to redo the part he/she fail after three days but within 90 days of the last examination.

Required documents

1. Passport and the copy of the first page for foreigners and identification card for Thai people.

2. The medical certificate which is no longer than 1 month after it’s issued.