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Thailand Visa Informations

1. Tourist Visa

This kind of Visa is especially for the foreigners who want to enter into Thailand only in the presence of tourists (code: TR). This visa last long only 3 months or 6 months. The fee is 1000 baht per time of approval. The visa is totally usable for 60 day per each approval. The minimum of budget requirement is 20,000 baht per each person or 40,000 baht per each family.


– A copy of the passport or the qualified documents which can be used instead of passport need to have been used over 6 months at least.
-The visa form which is completely written.
-Two 2 ½ inches photos without glasses and cap. (The photos must be within 6 months while the time using)
-The evidence which is showing the date of departing from Thailand after finish the travelling such as round trip ticket or the ticket which is bought in order to go to the third country.
– Travelling agent’s documents in the case of coming with travel agent.
–  The immigration officer might be asking for more information from the foreigner who desire to ask for the permission to come to Thailand.

The foreigners who want to extend the time to stay in Thailand or change the type of visa, please file a compliance at the Immigration Office, Jangwatana Road, Bangkok. Tel. 02-141-9889 or  the approval depends on the consideration of the immigration officer.

2. Education Visa

Education Visa is the visa which allows the foreigners to stay rightly in Thailand at least four to six months in the presence of student. This type of visa is issued to applicants who wish to study, attend seminar, apply training session, or do the internship in Thailand. The advantage of this visa is the foreign students do not have to repeat doing Visa every time they enter into or leave from the country. This kind of Visa is one-time done until the expired date. The visa fee is 80 USD or 3000 baht.


– The specific form (TM.7) (can be downloaded from Cooperation Centre (ICC), KMUTNB Tel. +66(0)2-555-2000 Fax +66(0)2-586-9007. Email: : Create and Coordinate International Relations Update.

– A recent 4×6 cm photo.

– A real passport and copies of the pages which show the photo, Thai Visa, recent seal of Thailand entry, TM.6 then please sign on all copies.

– The copy of student card and the recent registered document for study (in the case of full time study.)

– Fee; 1,900 THB (The student’s duty)

– Document in order to extend the Visa, Thai language requirement. (Issued from the university.)


– The student must go by self to the immigration station and complete the extension before the expired date.

– After finished the extension, the student must report every 90 days (90 days report TM.47) (No payment, FREE!) following the form of exceeding 90 days at the Immigration station, the fine is needed after the expired date.

– In the case of leaving from Thailand during the period of Visa (before the expired date) and desire to maintain the Visa, must complete the Re-Entry permit form before leaving, otherwise the Visa is automatically inactivated. Required payment is 1,000/3,800 THB.

– The student who already has Multiple Non-Immigrant ED can choose the method to leave and reentry in order to extend the Visa for 90 days consecutively until the expired date of the Visa. The Re-Entry permit and 90 days report (Form TM.47) are not required.

3. Visa on Arrival

This kind of Visa is for the foreigners who have valid passport or the documents which can be used instead of the passport and only come from the 1 of 18 available countries and 1 economic area (Taiwan). This Visa is a short term staying for the foreigners who desire to visit Thailand for short time mere 15 days. The approval can be done at the 42 specified immigration stations. (The foreigners who are not from the specific 18 countries and economic area (Taiwan) cannot do the Visa on Arrival, must be approved from Consulate or Embassy of Thailand before the entry.)


– Ticket or the document which shows the complete payment can be used for leaving in the limited day, only 15 days counted from the date of entry.

– Cash or payable, exchangeable document which cost equally at least 10,000 THB per each person or 20,000 THB for each family.

– The completely filled form of petition (can receive from the immigration station.)

– A recent 4×6 photo

– A passport which have been being used at least 6 months.

Fee; 1,000 THB (including all passport carrier, diplomatic, governmental in the case of the country does not have a condition of exception from Thailand.) Visa on Arrival normally takes 20-25 day for permission.
In order to extend the time of residence is not allowed for this kind of Visa, except some cases, such as, sickness. The extension can be done at the immigration station in any province, the duration is considered by the officer differently depending on the case.

(More info. Immigration station, Jangwattana Road, Bangkok Tel. 02-141-9889 or

18 countries and 1 Economic area of Visa on Arrival

1. Andorra
2. Bulgaria
3. Bhutan: Kingdom of Bhutan
4. China: People’s Republic of China
5. Cyprus: Republic of Cyprus
6. Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
7. India: Republic of India
8. Kazakhstan: Republic of Kazakhstan
9. Latvia: Republic of Latvia
10. Lithuania: Republic of Lithuania
11. Maldives: Republic of Maldives
12. Malta
13. Mauritius: Republic of Mauritius
14. Romania
15. San Marino
16. Saudi Arabia: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
17. Taiwan
18. Ukraine
19. Uzbekistan

4. 90 days reporting visa

90 days visa is for foreigners who want to come to visit Thailand and plan to stay no longer than 90 days or three months by holding a Non-Immigrant Visa. If you are a foreigner staying in Thailand for a period longer than 90 days, you are required by Thai Immigration to report your current address every 90 days. You must file this report within 7 days before, or 7 days after of your 90-day period expires7. You can file your 90-day report at the immigration offices throughout the country. Or in the other convenience way to report your 90 days visa is reporting by the registered mail.

Report 90 days’ Documents required for the registered mail.

-Copy of all passport pages (up to the latest arrival stamp in the Kingdom or latest visa stamp)

-Copy of arrival/departure card TM. 6 (front and back)

-Previous notifications of staying over 90 days (if any)

-Completely filled in and signed notification form TM. 47

-Envelope with 5 Baht stamp affixed and returns address of foreigner for the officer in order to send back the lower part of form TM. This part must be kept for reference and for future notifications of staying over 90 days. And send all of documents to 90 DAYS REGISTRATION, ROOM 206,IMMIGRATION BUREAU, 507 SOI SUANPLU, SOUTH SATHORN RD.,THUNGMAHAMEK  SATHORN BANGKOK 10120 and please remember they should arrive 7 days before your 90-day period expires.

5. Retirement Visa

The retirement Visa is for the foreigner who is over 50 years old and desires to occupy in Thailand. The evidence of money, the financial account must be over 800,000 THB or 65,000 THB per month (12 months is gathered equally 800,000 THB). The foreigner can file a complaint at the Immigration station, the available period of time is 1 year, and in the case of having Multiple Non-Immigrant Visa, the person doesn’t need to do Re-Entry because it’s common to reentry after leave in 90 days.


– Passport and the copy of the first page with a valid signature.

– Three 2 inches photos (colored)

– Kasikorn Book Bank or Science Commercial Book Bank and the copy of the first page with a valid signature.

– Reference of address.

– TM.7 form

– Fee; 1,000 THB

6. Business Visa

The Business Visa is for the foreigner who desire to work in Thailand as a business owner, employee or any occupation. The form of Non-Immigrant Visa “B” is needed or business type. Moreover need to submit the Work Permit, otherwise being invalid to work in Thailand.

In the case of having only Non-Immigrant Visa “B” without Work Permit, the person can complete by self at Department of Employment, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare in 90 days since the date of arrival following the law of temporary residence.

7. Board cross Visa

Thailand has two types of border crossings; international and local. As you may suspect, international crossings are generally open to all foreign nationalities who are in possession of a valid passport and visa (if necessary), while local crossings are open only to locals (on each side of the border) who are able to cross back and forth using some form of border pass. The international crossings are the only ones covered in this section.

Thailand has over twenty international overland border crossings. These allow overland travel to Malaysia (seven crossings), Burma (three crossings), Laos (six crossings) and Cambodia (six crossings). You can also arrive by air at a number of international airports, including Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang, as well as Phuket, Ko Samui, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai and Krabi.