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CNTHAI's commitment to experience and realestate resources

CNTHAI provides high-quality project investment and high-quality second-hand condos for customers from all over the world. Most of our real estate developer partners have excellent track record and good reputation, among which there are many well-known listed companies in Thailand.

Before signing the cooperation agreement, we will strictly review the qualifications and project conditions and carefully select them to ensure the quality and after-sale protection of the project.

Due Diligence

All the projects, including the developer background, the past case, the location, the quality of completion, the market price ratio, the construction phase, etc., are all investigated by CNTHAI.


Sales representation

The sales team of CNTHAI has undergone rigorous professional knowledge training and has a good professional ethics and honesty-based principle of conduct. We focus on providing clients with clear and appropriate communication and real investment purchase information to ensure that our investors choose the right investment project

Contract Payment

The purchase of Thailand real estate, the sales contract and the deposit can be signed outside Thailand. The purchase contract usually has two languages, Thai and English. If necessary, the legal adviser of CNTHAI can assist in reviewing the contract until the signature is completed.


Loan Application

In Thailand, there are a number of banks and lending institutions that provide loan requests for foreigners to purchase property in Thailand. The loan amount is usually 50%-70% of the property valuation, and the loan period is 20 years. The minimum purchase amount is required to apply for more than 3 million baht. If necessary, CNTHAI can assist clients in applying for loans.

Thai Bank Account Opening

In view of the need for transnational remittances, payment of housing funds, payment of property fees, utility bills, rentals, etc. in the future, sales representatives of CNTHAI will assist customers in processing bank accounts.


Overseas transfer assistance

Overseas remittance is a very important purchase procedure, which involves remittance bank recommendation, cheque transfer authorization, and specify the purpose of payment. It is worth noting that overseas remittances must be non Thai baht currencies when buying Thailand real estate. During the remittance period, we will assist the customer in arranging the remittance until the transaction is completed.

Property management

The time for renting and selling houses is just as important as buying time! We provide reasonable and reachable advice to customers based on property conditions, market information, and transaction cases! After accepting customer resale entrustment, we will develop the best solution for our customers.


Chinese and Thai public welfare

"CNTHAI" has a gene for public welfare concept and has "China International Volunteers Thai Volunteer Station". The heart we initiated was not satisfied with doing business only. We also wanted to provide additional services to the people who came to Thailand to buy our products. We participated in local charity exchanges to help everyone warm and help each other!

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